About Where’s My Screener?

It’s really simple: During awards season, AMPAS members need to know which screeners have gone out to the general membership - Where’s My Screener is here to help.

When I was invited to join AMPAS, I began keeping “the list” of screeners that arrived during each awards season.  Well, word got out.  As the list grew in popularity, more and more of my fellow members of AMPAS would contact me asking for it, so I decided to make it easy and available to my friends and other members of the Academy.  I’ve gotten lots of nice feedback from members, thanking me for helping them track down screeners they didn’t even know they were missing.

If you are a member of AMPAS, awards season is a busy time, and DVD screeners arrive in the mail, via FedEx and UPS. It’s important to know if you’ve received all the screeners that are sent out by the various companies releasing films for consideration and awards voting. It’s also helpful to know how to reach these companies in the event you are missing a screener, or receive one that is damaged.

If you see a title here that you don’t have, information (if available) is listed here so you can contact the appropriate distributor.  Please keep in mind, some screeners are only sent to individual branches, so some members will have titles that aren’t listed here.


Jasmine Madatian

Creator of Where’s My Screener